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You can start vocal training at various ages, but it is usually recommended to begin at 5-6 years old. At this age, children are already capable of focusing during lessons and following the teacher's instructions. However, it is important to consider the individual characteristics of each child.

At what age do we recommend enrolling a child in vocal training?

The advantages of our school

  • 1
    Qualified Teachers
    The school employs experienced and educated educators capable of unlocking the vocal potential of each child.
  • 2
    Individual Approach
    The training program is tailored to the individual needs and abilities of each student, allowing children to develop at their own pace.
  • 3
    Modern Equipment
    The school is equipped with the latest audio and video technologies, which contributes to high-quality education.
  • 4
    Variety of Styles
    The program includes training in various vocal styles, from classical to contemporary music, promoting comprehensive development of the students.
  • 5
    Performances and Concerts
    Regular public performances and participation in concerts help children overcome stage fright and develop self-confidence.
  • 6
    Friendly and Supportive Atmosphere
    The school aims to create a comfortable and inspiring environment for young artists.

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Vocal Training Program at Our Studio for Children:

Introduction to Vocal
Familiarization with the basics of vocal, breathing exercises, and correct posture for singing.
Basics of Musical Literacy
Teaching note reading, fundamentals of musical theory, and rhythm.
Voice Development
Individual exercises to develop vocal range and voice strength.
Learning Various Singing Styles
Classical, folk music, pop, jazz, and other styles to expand the musical horizons of the student.
Exercises in expressing emotions and overcoming stage fright.
Preparation for Performances
Rehearsals and preparation for concerts, school events, and competitions.
Individual and Group Lessons
To develop communication skills and teamwork.
Regular Feedback and Progress Assessment

Continuous monitoring of progress and support in achieving each student's personal goals.
Masterclasses and Meetings with Professionals
Opportunity to learn from invited musicians and vocalists.
Creating an Inspiring and Supportive Environment
We strive to make every student feel valued and motivated.

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Work experience of more than 4 years, graduated from the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture in the direction of music pedagogy.

She is a laureate and diploma laureate of international and all-Russian competitions. Has performed at such well-known venues as the Scarlet Sails and Jazz Philharmonic.
She has worked at the Rock Opera Theatre in St. Petersburg.

Olya is a practicing musician who creates her own music. She loves to record backing vocals and polyphony. Will gladly uncover your natural data and be a reliable musical mentor and friend.

Olga Piskareva

Vocal and piano teacher

Our teachers

Experience of teaching for more than 3 years.
I came to music professionally at the age of 23, after receiving a second degree at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture in the field of music pedagogy.

She was an active stage performer: she performed at large venues of the city, worked in musicals, studied with foreign and Russian colleagues. She created and melodically arranged compositions in a musical duet
"The Polar.

She believes that revealing oneself through the voice is an integral part of everyone's life.

Liza Gaydukova

Vocal teacher
Tilda Publishing

Achievements of our young students

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Vocal-Polar - a vocal studio in Cyprus. We are not only focused on enhancing our clients' vocal skills, but we also teach them how to sing from scratch and even assist in preparing for a professional music career. Our studio cannot be simply termed a school, since our instructors are not just teachers, but mentors, aides, and friends who are always ready to assist you, guiding you onto the right path at the onset of your vocal career.

About our studio


Vocal and piano lessons for adults.
A one-time group lesson for kids
55 min

Trial lesson
30 min

4 lessons for kids
Monthly package 45 min

Vocal lessons can develop many important qualities in children:

Musical Ear
Vocal lessons help children better perceive musical sounds and distinguish their pitch, duration, and timbre.
Voice Skills
Children learn to control their voice, which is useful not only for singing but also for developing clear speech.
Singing develops artistic abilities and helps a child express emotions through music.
Performing in front of an audience and participating in musical events increase self-confidence and help overcome shyness.
Concentration and Attention
Mastering vocal pieces requires concentration and the ability to focus on the task.
Memorizing the lyrics and melodies of songs trains memory.
Hard Work and Discipline
Regular practice and exercises develop perseverance and discipline.
Communication Skills
Group lessons contribute to the development of communication skills and the ability to work in a team.
Emotional Development
Singing helps express and understand various emotions, which is important for emotional intelligence.
Creative Thinking
Singing stimulates creative abilities, allowing children to express themselves through music.

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Trial lesson

Let's get acquainted, find out what you want, and assess your level!

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