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Vocal-Polar - a vocal studio in Cyprus. We are not only focused on enhancing our clients' vocal skills, but we also teach them how to sing from scratch and even assist in preparing for a professional music career. Our studio cannot be simply termed a school, since our instructors are not just teachers, but mentors, aides, and friends who are always ready to assist you, guiding you onto the right path at the onset of your vocal career.

About our studio

How we teach

We use the author's method, which is based on a mixture of both Western schools of singing and Russian techniques.
  • Scientific methodologies

    We took the best exercises from CVT, EVT, Cheryl Porter, FMRG
  • Individual approach

    We build work, taking into account individual and psychological characteristics, the goals of each student

  • Comprehensive musical development

    We don't just memorize a song, we develop your musical ear, sense of rhythm, musical literacy and understanding of harmony

  • Modern Didactic Materials

    Our studio is equipped with all the didactic materials necessary for classes: psychological cards, tools for rhythm, and even anti-stress toys

  • Professional equipment
    SHURE equipment, two LD acoustic systems, ROLAND piano, equipped recording room
  • A warm atmosphere in the classroom

    We have cookies, tea, waiting area and everything for your comfort

Trial lesson

Let's get acquainted, find out what you want, and assess your level!

Vocal music

is the art of singing, and there are numerous reasons why people choose to learn this craft. Here are a few of them:
Singing allows individuals to express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions.
Boosting Confidence
Being able to perform in front of an audience can elevate one's self-esteem and self-confidence.
Professional Career
For many, singing is not merely a hobby, but a profession. Vocal training can be the initial step towards a career in the music industry.
Brain Activity
Research has indicated that singing can stimulate brain function and enhance memory, concentration, and attention.
Physical Benefits
Singing helps to improve breathing, posture, and control over the diaphragm.
Personal growth
By engaging in vocal training, a person learns to listen to others, work as a team, develop discipline and responsibility, which are important not only on stage but also in everyday life.
You submit a request, we call you back, and we arrange a trial lesson.
During this, we determine your initial level, get acquainted, and create a convenient attendance schedule.

Stages of Training:

Based on the acquaintance, our schedule, and the initial level, our teachers develop an individual development plan and set goals.
Our students learn how to behave on stage, perform at showcase concerts, and musical evenings.
Trial lesson
Developing a Plan
Diligent Work and Concerts
You are always in touch with your teacher, who gives advice and helps to improve your skills.
Teacher Support and Guidance
Recording your own track or cover (if desired)
Vocal-Polar has its own equipment and specialists who will help you record and mix your first studio track.

Vocal Mastery

Vocal mastery involves:
Breathing Technique
Proper breathing is the foundation of quality singing. Learning to control your breath is one of the primary tasks when studying vocals.
Note Recognition and Pronunciation
A vocalist should be able to clearly and accurately pronounce notes in various keys.
Song Interpretation
The vocalist needs to understand the lyrics and convey its emotional content.
Voice Timbre
Everyone has their unique voice timbre. Working on the timbre can help improve the quality and sound of the voice.
Clear pronunciation of words and proper diction are important for the listener to understand the song lyrics.
Theoretical preparation
Knowledge of basic music theory, music history, and the characteristics of various genres helps a singer better understand and interpret works.
Vocal mastery is not just the ability to sing, but also the skill to convey emotions and connect with the audience. It's a complex skill that requires time and practice to master.

Trial lesson

Let's get acquainted, find out what you want, and assess your level!


Vocal and piano lessons for adults and children.
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Trial lesson
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4 lessons for an adult
A one-time group lesson for a child
Monthly package 55 min


4 lessons for a child
Monthly package 45 min

55 min
Work experience of more than 4 years, graduated from the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture in the direction of music pedagogy.

She is a laureate and diploma laureate of international and all-Russian competitions. Has performed at such well-known venues as the Scarlet Sails and Jazz Philharmonic.
She has worked at the Rock Opera Theatre in St. Petersburg.

Olya is a practicing musician who creates her own music. She loves to record backing vocals and polyphony. Will gladly uncover your natural data and be a reliable musical mentor and friend.

Olga Piskareva

Vocal and piano teacher

Our teachers

Experience of teaching for more than 3 years.
I came to music professionally at the age of 23, after receiving a second degree at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture in the field of music pedagogy.

She was an active stage performer: she performed at large venues of the city, worked in musicals, studied with foreign and Russian colleagues. She created and melodically arranged compositions in a musical duet
"The Polar.

She believes that revealing oneself through the voice is an integral part of everyone's life.

Liza Gaydukova

Vocal teacher
Tilda Publishing

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Trial lesson

Let's get acquainted, find out what you want, and assess your level!

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