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The “Vocal Polar” studio is pleased to introduce a new direction - a professional recording studio.

Combining our experience in vocal training with advanced recording technologies, we offer the perfect place to realize your musical projects.
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Our Advantages

  • Professional equipment for recording and sound processing
  • Experienced sound engineers and vocal coaches
  • Cozy and inspiring atmosphere
  • Individual approach to each client
We strive to help you realize your musical ideas and reach new heights in the art of sound and vocals. Welcome to our studio, where your voice will find its true sound!

Our Services:

Vocal recording with high-quality equipment

Creation and processing of musical tracks

Mixing and mastering

Consultations and assistance in developing vocal skills

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About recording studio

Sound recording prices

standard recording package


You get:
Finished mp3/wav track
  • 1 hour voice recording
  • Mastering
Vocal recording in standard format, without additional processing

Sound Recording Subscription


You get:
Finished mp3/wav track
  • 1 hour voice recording
  • Mastering
  • Voice recording under the supervision of a teacher
Special offer for those studying at our studio

Professional sound recording package


You get:
Finished professional mp3/wav track with author's vision and vocal arrangement, placed on world music platforms.
  • Original backing track recorded for you;
  • 2 hours voice recording;
  • Voice recording under the supervision of a teacher;
  • Correction of inaccuracies in the recording (tuning to notes);
  • Adding effects to sound tracks;
  • Mixing;
  • Mastering;
  • Recording backing vocals;
  • Placing the track on global digital platforms;

Sound recording package for children


You get:
Finished mp3/wav track, Video file of the process
  • 1.5 hours voice recording;
  • Correction of inaccuracies in vocals (tuning to notes);
  • Voice processing;
  • Mastering;
  • Video of the process
For those who want to record their child's vocal

Sound Recording Gift Package


You get:
Finished mp3/wav track, which can be sent as a gift
  • 1 hour voice recording
  • Correction of inaccuracies in vocals (tuning to notes)
  • Voice processing
  • Mastering
Sound recording package as a gift for friends and family

complementary services


Instrument recording
Voice recording with a teacher
Voice processing (tuning to notes)
Voice recording without a teacher
Adding effects to the track
Song mixing
Song mastering
Original backing vocal recording
40€ / track
70€ / hour
100€ / hour
60€ / hour
60€ / track
from 100€
from 100€

Promotions for Our Clients

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+357 96 909388
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Our equipment

A set of high-quality microphones of various types for recording vocals, instruments, and various sounds.
Audio Interface
A high-quality audio interface for transmitting the audio signal to and from the computer.
Studio Monitors (Speaker Systems)
For accurate sound reproduction without distortions.
Audio Mixer or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
For processing and mixing sound, as well as working with musical tracks.
Several pairs of quality headphones for sound monitoring during recording.
Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment of the Room
Soundproofing elements and acoustic treatment to create ideal recording conditions.
Microphone Stands and Cables
Reliable microphone stands and a sufficient quantity of quality cables of various types.
Software Suite for Audio Processing and Editing
Musical Instruments and Equipment
Pop Filters for Microphones, Music Stands, DI Boxes, and Other Accessories
Contact us
+357 96 909388
or write to us at Telegram


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